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The Jonathan Hatch Chapter, NSDAR, joined with the Captain Joshua Gray Chapter, NSDAR, in 2009 and is now known as the Captain Joshua Gray-Jonathan Hatch Chapter.

Who was Captain Joshua Gray?

The Captain Joshua Gray Chapter, NSDAR, was organized July 24, 1962, with Alice M. Sperl as the organizing Regent. The chapter was named after Captain Joshua Gray who was born in 1743 and was a prominent figure at the outbreak of the American Revolution. The official military record of Joshua Gray says that he was captain of a company of minutemen who marched April 20, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19. Joshua Gray died on March 31, 1791, at the age of 47, and he is buried alongside his wife in the Ancient Cemetery in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts.

CapeCodDAR Joshua Gray Grave.jpg

Who was Private Jonathan Hatch?

The Jonathan Hatch Chapter, NSDAR, was organized February 10, 1934, with Adelaide Rand Howe as the organizing Regent. Since 1934, there have been 26 Regents serving the chapter and many of them served more than one term.  The chapter was named after Jonathan Hatch, a Private in the 5th Massachusetts Regiment during the American Revolution. He also served as a Sergeant and was sent on a secret mission to Rhode Island.  

CapeCodDAR Jonathan Hatch Headstone CLEAN.png
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